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eLAY EP Album Look out for it

Kyle Warwick below
Plays Bone Wax Drum Sticks

Free small item inside, when you buy the Unique Computer Bag. ​See Music Quiz page.

Checkout our new first release We going to have some brand new video release's on this site. HANG in there and wait, We'll hit the go button with this soon.

Film Cameo for eLAY:​
Reggae track. By The Dangerous Brothers.
Releasing a Jazz EP.
2018 EP Album from eLAY.
2019 Working on new album & videos.

Great news for all our Bone Wax Records fans, we have a new website. You can now read up on our latest news. View our gallery and contact us with just the click of a button. We always busy aiming to bring new things to the table. Our new artist launched a new record

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